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The Morehead Pools Philosophy

Architecture…environment…rhythm…space… these are words not commonly heard from most in the pool industry. If used, they are often just a catch phrase. For Morehead Designers, these are not just buzzwords. They are the cornerstones of how each project is approached. No longer are swimming pools just “watering holes”. They are extensions of the architecture and environment that surrounds them.

The backyard has become another room of the home. This outdoor living space is used for entertaining year round, a place to connect with family and friends, to rejuvenate the spirit; an elegant escape from the stressors of life.

Our designers are passionate about creating a project that will meet the needs of your family’s lifestyle, while carefully considering how the project will be integrated to the home. Stepping from the home into this new outdoor living space, should feel like a seamless transition.

An architect is used in carefully planning the architecture, layout, and function of a project. You should expect the same passion and expertise from your designer in creating an outdoor addition to you home.